The Fish House

600 S Barracks Street Pensacola FL

Barracks St. Burger: $ 10.95

Renowned for their “World Famous” Grits a Ya-Ya, awesome seafood, spectacular views from the back porch, and more importantly, winner of the inaugural Burger Tour back in 2009. The Fish House is a heavy hitter of restaurants and a favorite of many in the Pensacola area.

The initial visit we made 6 years ago was met with fanfare and hoopla…we were treated like royalty with

name tags and greetings from the Chef and a burger that was hand-crafted for the tour-members. It

was amazing! …and it was our fault…we had tipped them off that we were coming, so we could get

seated quickly. Since that time, tour members have been back for the burger and each and every

member has commented on wishing it was the same as that burger we remembered.

So, was the current Fish House burger bad? Absolutely NOT! It’s a wonderful hand-formed patty made

from fresh ground beef tenderloin. The bun is fresh and toasted. The condiments are neatly piled to

the side, red ripe tomato, dark green lettuce, and thin slices of red onion come standard and you can

also add their signature “zippy sauce” if your palate so desires. We threw caution to the wind and spent

the extra .75 cents and to add American Cheese, and it was definitely worth it, delicious and a perfect

amount to cover the burger nicely.

However, the same comments abounded…”not like it used to be”… I guess we all long for the good ole

days to some extent. The burger isn’t as thick as some would like it to be, albeit grilled to perfection.

Others thought that without the “Zippy” sauce added, it lacked seasoning. The bun seemed a bit large

for the patty.

With a final score of 7.64, the Fish House won’t be contending in the playoff rounds, but next time you

drive along the Bayfront downtown; stop by the Fish House for some perfect Gumbo, amazing Grits a

Ya-ya, and breathtaking views from the deck.

Then check in next week as the Pensacola Burger Tour Rolls on in the first ever Playoff round.

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