This week we report on the “nameless” burger.

At the recommendation of several of our fans, we explored a stop no one on the Tour had sampled before, in fact many tour members had never even heard of the place.

In the 1942 psychological thriller “Bambi” a rabid bunny told her hyperactive step child “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Moments later, Bambi’s mother was shot and killed.  The message is loud and clear; if you can’t be nice- keep your mouth shut- or someone’s mother gets killed.

So…. in the interest of mothers everywhere, we have decided to keep this tour stop nameless and just say that this burger was compared by some as “not quite as good, but similar to” the Steak and Shake restaurant chain’s Burger, others swore it was a cheese sandwich, a few used Wendy’s age old classic advertising slogan “Where’s the Beef?” and one tour member was caught looking for the toy, since he thought he had ordered a Happy Meal.

Although this nameless burger won’t make our list, next week’s burger might just be the one to top the list, so join us again next week as the NWFL Burger tour rolls on.


  1. Eric Leath says:

    Ouchhh! I feel bad for recommending it now. I should have mentioned to make sure to get a double, and that the cheddar was sharp and flavorful.

    I’ve never had anything but a double, and surely understand that with such thin patties, it would be a bomb. It’s a big mistake on the part of the owners to even have a single on the menu.

    After trying five times now, I did find that burger to be so consistently well seasoned and tender.

    It’s great that you guys are so positive, and didn’t excoriate these guys. Maybe someone on the tour might try them again for next year’s tour.

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