The Blue Dot

The Blue Dot BBQ is a small, unassuming burger joint located on Devilliers Street in Downtown Pensacola.

There’s no sign out front, no neon lights or obnoxious “Best Burger in Town” sign- just a small blue building where they’re consistently turning out some of the best burgers in Pensacola, period.If an alien life form arrives on our planet and asks “What is a hamburger?” They should be taken immediately to Devilliers Street, presented with a Blue Dot and told in a loud voice: “THAT. Is a hamburger.”

The Bun is buttered then grilled- crispy on one side with the taste of mustard, soft and delicious on the other side. The bun is perfect in size; just large enough to keep your fingers from sinking into the burger but not too bulky. It’s fresh, soft and absorbs all the burger’s juices without becoming soggy.

The Beef is moist and flavorful- never dry and each patty is topped with a healthy stack of fresh red tomatoes and diced onions.

There’s no lettuce on this burger- but when has anyone ever craved lettuce? Never.

Somehow, when this burger is wrapped in foil, placed in a paper bag and served- it becomes one object. Just as flour, eggs and sugar become one item when baked (a cake)- these ingredients melt into one delicious object- a hamburger.

Imagine eating a giant, hamburger flavored candy bar. Actually, never mind. That sounds disgusting.

Once you’ve eaten a Blue Dot hamburger- you have a newfound appreciation for the perfect harmony that exists between SALT and PEPPER. They’re both applied liberally and although both spices are a staple in EVERY American kitchen- you find yourself wondering “Why don’t I use salt and pepper like that?”

The Blue Dot did lose minor points from several judges for not offering cheese- but it’s hardly missed.

Before this review starts to sound like one man’s obsession with a hamburger- let me give you some of the comments from other panel members (in their own words):

“The only negative is that once you eat this burger, it’s gone.”

“A prisoner on death row who requests a hamburger for his final meal should be given a Blue Dot. No other hamburger is worth dying for.”

“There are only a few things in life you can count on; death, taxes and the Blue Dot.”

“The beef and bun fit together like peanut butter and jelly.”

“My eyes say the bun is lousy, but it tastes amazing.”

“This place is the model of consistency. There is no doubt in my mind these people care when they show up to work every day.”

“This burger eats well, travels well and reheats well. I’d rather have a 3 day old microwaved Blue Dot than anything on the McDonalds menu served “fresh.”

“This is the ONLY place where I don’t order a burger plain- because it’s actually better their way.”

“I’ve probably eaten 100 Blue Dot hamburgers in my time- each one has tasted exactly the same; perfect.”

In total, the Blue Dot finished with a final score of 8.8 which is good enough to land it in the #1 spot for right now.

Check back next week to see if the Blue Dot can hold the #1 spot as the Northwest Florida Burger Tour rolls on.


4 Responses to The Blue Dot

  1. John Casperson says:

    After I eat one, I obsess over eating another one for the next three hours.

  2. Wayne Hooton says:

    Still great. Simple menu-fast preparation-brown bag with everything you need to eat-one of 2 can drinks-small in space that encourages take out.
    Please tell me more about your history. Btw- you’ve expanded your menu over the years. 🙂

  3. Patty says:

    My fist experience here and I LOVE BURGERS!!!!!

    This outshined them all!!
    🙂 They definitely live up to the hype!!!!! 🙂

  4. Martha says:

    No frills and not needed. It’s a meal by itself. The best burger in town…fresh and juicy and delicious!!! I’ll be back.

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