The Tin Cow

The Tin Cow is a place where cool people eat hamburgers.

If you walk in wearing tube socks and sandals- they might ask you to leave.  If they do allow you to stay- your server will (eventually) greet you with an eye roll and a sigh.  The Tin Cow is a restaurant/hangout with an electric atmosphere, incredible homemade potato chips and a killer burger.  Of course, we weren’t there to score the chips, or the atmosphere.  We were here for business.  Beef.  And you know our only judging criterion: TASTE.

The ordering process at the Tin Cow is clever and engaging; each customer is presented with a checklist and a pencil.  With more than 75 options, every diner is given the ability to craft the burger of their dreams.  The ½ lb. “Angus Steak, fresh never frozen” patty looked appealing- but how could we overlook the “American Style Kobe” beef? Especially when presented at a very affordable $3 upcharge?

If you’re unfamiliar with Kobe beef, or curious what the difference is between “Kobe” and “American Style Kobe” – please educate yourself (we had to):

We ordered our burger on the Brioche Bun (it seemed the most ordinary) and selected the following toppings: American cheese, lettuce mix, Roma tomatoes and dill pickle chips.  Add ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard- and we were salivating as we completed our checklists.

When the burgers arrived, they smelled (and tasted) of a backyard grill at a family cookout.

Each burger was kissed with the perfect amount of char, intense beef flavor and a texture that gently crumbles as you eat it.

The buttery, grilled brioche bun was a perfect vehicle for transporting show horses the Kobe (style) beef.

All produce was fresh tasting and the American cheese was melted delicately atop each burger- not thrown on afterward or applied too soon and melted away- it was perfectly done.

Miraculously- the Tin Cow burger is one that you can eat without questioning your decision making afterward.  This burger won’t leave you feeling stuffed or asking yourself “Why did I eat that?”

However, the burger was labeled by some Panel Members as “too artsy” and “disjointed.”

A “disjointed” burger is one that may include the finest ingredients- but taste more like a “stack” of individual flavors rather than having one balanced, burger taste.  While each ingredient is delicious in its own right- the components never fully meld together to form one cohesive flavor profile.

Does that make sense?  Of course it does.

What it means is that a great burger can be thrown across a crowded room and land in one piece.

Actually, that would be disgusting.  But you get the idea.

The burger lost minor points from some Panel Members who found the fat laden Kobe style beef to be chewy in some cases.  There also seemed to be a broad spectrum for temperatures- some judges felt their “medium” burger was undercooked while others considered their “medium” burger to be considerably overdone.

In total, the Tin Cow burger finished with a final score of 7.6.

This burger here is definitely worth eating, but we’re not ready to crown it Pensacola’s finest burger (yet.)

So, check out the Tin Cow.  Wear skinny jeans so you’ll fit in.  Order the chili (amazing) and get a full plate of chips.  Try the burger and let us know what you think.  Then check back with us to see where the Burger Tour rolls next. And please, keep your recommendations coming.

We’re dedicated to tirelessly searching the Pensacola area for Northwest Florida’s BEST burger.

Happy Eating!

The NWFL Burger Tour.

10 Responses to The Tin Cow

  1. Adam Dunn says:

    Good burger. I wouldn’t personally rate it as the best burger in town, but it is a really good burger with a great dinning atmosphere. This place is just downright cool. Looking forward to the next stop!

  2. Katie says:

    Blue Dot Burger is the best Pensacola burger.

  3. jeff says:

    Ate there about a week ago. The burger was very good exept the bun I ordered was twice the size of the burger(forget which one). My wife ordered a chicken wrap with Asian chili sauce and couldn’t eat it because it was way too hot. We both thought it was gonna be like sweet chili sauce or siracha.they should put “very hot” next to the ingredient.great chips and fries,drink specials,prices and atmosphere.will go back

  4. Chris Jackson says:

    “Wear skinny jeans so you’ll fit in.”
    Hey, I resemble that remark.

  5. Rachael says:

    I don’t eat beef or pork. With that being said, The Tin Cow has the best veggie burger hands down. I prefer it over a ground chicken or turkey version any day. Their crab cake sandwiches are phenomenal, too. So I’m assuming their beef is pretty amazeballs.

    My boyfriend said as far as beef burgers go, McGuire’s still wins. But he’s Irish, so maybe he doesn’t count.

  6. Yumm says:

    Great food! Mediocre service (at best). The Guinness Dijon mustard is to die for.

  7. Ashley says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tin Cow! NOT only are their burgers delicious, but they have a great selection of drinks! Every time I go I get my burger served up differently, and each time it has been fantastic!

  8. Jason G. Abernathy says:

    Tin Cow. Its Good. Service D, Cleanliness B+, Staff D-,Food B+, Concept A+. I hope the staff start showing as much attention to the quality of service that they do to themselves and their phones.

  9. Norm says:

    Very good food and a great place. We have been a number of times

  10. Jake Caldwell says:

    blue dot for sure.

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