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Bonefish Grill

It would be a tragedy if the best burger in Northwest Florida were at a CHAIN restaurant.

It would be even worse if the best burger in Pensacola were at a chain SEAFOOD restaurant that’s only open for dinner.

Potential tragedies aside, this Tour isn’t about restaurant size, hours of operation or primary menu items.

This Tour is about one thing; Beef. 


If you drive through Milton on a Friday night- you’ll see a hundred cars parked in front of “Ollie’s” on Highway 90.  This size crowd could only mean one of two things; either the food here is amazing OR there’s nothing else to do in Milton on a Friday night.

Actually, it could mean both.

Five Sisters Blues Cafe

Five Sisters Blues Café on Devilliers Street has become quite the hot spot in Downtown Pensacola.

They’re known for “soulful flavors and soulful music.”  More specifically; for making delicious fried chicken and waffles, pot roast, fried okra and cornbread so good- it made our Yankee wish he were born in the South.

The food here is amazing and the atmosphere is electric.  The sound of soulful blues music radiates out the front door and down the street, along with the delicious aroma of great southern cooking. 

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